Top 5 Water Sports That You Should Try

When you look at images of people surfing at top speed in Hawaii, the breathtaking experience leaves one in envy. However, it is no magic because you can equally surf or participate in other more enjoyable sports. Whether you have a single afternoon out or an entire weekend getaway, there is more to explore in the water than you can imagine. Here are top five water sports that you should try.

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a special sport that allows you to get as deep as you want into the open sea. Using a Scuba (gas tanks) secured on the back, you have ample supply of air to dive and stay under the water for up to 1 hour. The sport makes it possible to explore the ocean floor and share the same environment with big fish such as shark and whales. You could also go photographing the underwater environment and even explore new areas. Note that the sport requires ample preparation, use of the right clothing, and diving together with a guide.


Sitting on a canoe shaped boat (Kayak), you ride through the water using a special paddle. Though Kayaking was designed as a special game to ride through rough rivers with falls and rapids, it has become sensational even in calm sea waters. Because the kayaks are light and one can paddle from both sides, it is possible to rush through the water at top speed. You can acquire a personal kayak or hire one from a local kayaking club. If you work with a club or a hotel that offers Kayaking, it is possible to get some training so that you kayak like a pro.


Surfing is an enthralling sport that involves riding on waves while standing on a surfboard. While it might appear difficult at first, you will appreciate how easy it is with some little training. Many surfing clubs, hotels, and resorts offer training on site to visitors so that they can surf within hours. First, you will be trained to balance on a board while paddling towards the waves using hands. Then, using both hands and getting the feet planted on the board, you carefully stand and ride in the direction of the wave. Well, it might take a few trials to get it right. Within no time, you will be able to balance and conquer even the biggest wave. Do not simply watch people conquer the waves on documentaries; be part of that success by learning a few tricks and surf like a pro.

White water rafting

For people who love water sports when working in teams, there is nothing as enthralling as white water rafting. The sport involves navigating in still waters in an inflatable boat. You can either compete with another team with a similar inflatable or simply set a target moving from one point to another.


This sport is a hybrid developed from the traditional water surfing and wind surfing. Wakeboarding involves standing on a special wakeboard and getting towed by a water boat. You will find it really enjoyable cutting trough waves at top speed while only holding a rope behind the boat. Many people prefer wakeboarding because the risks involved are fewer compared to water surfing.

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